This project, is to dig into the conflict between me, as an Asian woman, and Asian culture. What does it mean be erotic and an Asian woman? How much conflict is there between the character that we try to achieve and ourselves? Asian tradition has been influenced by technology and globalization. As the dramatic developments,the proliferation of information has reached an unprecedented level.  Young women's assessment and choice of value become more like chasing after the internet. So that a single value and aesthetic could turn into a crazy brainwashed-like trend.

I began taking photographs of myself in a way that mimics in exaggerated Japanese porn posters’ style. I have chosen the tropes of housewife, schoolgirl, housemaid, nurse, fly attendance and girl in bubble bath, these are popular in role-play scenes of Japanese porn. They appear as elements in my photographs. In post editing and processing, I exaggerated the character to a certain Asian beauty standard which has often been used in female Idol Promotion.