“Like fard congealed her skin is tender, Her fingers like soft blades of reed, Like larva white her neck is shender, Her teeth like rows of melon seed.” As people from ancient China chanted in the Book of Odes and Hymns, one of the most antiquated Chinese poetries, a face white as fard and snow, the typical Oriental Beauty, has dominated the Chinese aesthetic criterion for thousands of years. Nevertheless, such standard that accidentally coincides with the congenital features of white people might be the only peculiar quality that still hovered in the minds of Chinese people after the globalization that gradually supplanted eastern beauty code by western culture. Therefore, the project that researches on the aesthetics of Chinese people has been created to alert Chinese people to the aghast fact that the unique spotlight of Chinese culture has been vanishing into the shades of western influences.

Owing to such relatively maleficent fusion of the two cultures, the project, thus, will demonstrate how the cultural diversity disappears when the Chinese and the white intercommunicated with one another. Ranging from the first existing series, White Jade, that emphasizes the white quality of face as a Chinese beauty standard, to the coming series of cosmetic contact lenses that illustrates the Chinese people’s nowadays pursuit of western people’s colored eyes, it will eventually exhibit the Chinese appreciation of beauty while addressing the issue of the progressing mix of cultural artistic trends affected by globalization.